Program Services

In addition to offering financial support for first-generation students, the Coca-Cola Scholars Program provides additional services designed to promote the academic success of the students.

These services include:

  • Graduation Coach – The graduation coach is an advisor and mentor who helps students address and overcome any obstacles they face while transition to and progress through college to graduation. 
  • Workshops – Workshops designed to facilitate the success of the Coca-Cola Scholars as they progress through college will be offered each year. 
  • Mentoring Receptions – Each year, students will participate in a mentoring reception that allows them to connect with one another and representatives from the Coca-Cola Company and Foundation.
  • High Impact Practices – Students will be invited to participate in high impact practices, key initiatives that have been shown to greatly benefit college students. These include learning communities, undergraduate research, and diversity/global learning (e.g., study abroad).
  • Student Academic Mentors – Coca-Cola scholars will be matched to a first-generation student at KSU who will serve as a student mentor.